Voting 101

  1. Get this year’s ELECTION SCHEDULE [ Download ] and put these dates in your calendar.
  2. REGISTER to vote: [ Click here ]
  3. Find your precinct, and download and print YOUR SAMPLE BALLOT: [ Download ]
  4. Do your HOMEWORK and determine how you are going to vote on EVERY ballot item.
  5. Use multiple sources of information to MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND. There is a lot of “information” out there — some good, some bad.
  6. Prepare your own COMPLETED BALLOT in advance and TAKE IT WITH YOU into the voting booth.
  7. Vote a COMPLETE ballot. Remember, if you vote a straight party ballot and leave the booth, YOU WILL NOT HAVE VOTED in non-partisan offices, bond issues, referendum issues, etc.
  8. Consider taking advantage of EARLY VOTING, lots of days and locations throughout Montgomery County listed. [ Click here ]
  9. On Election Day, if you know your precinct number, please double-check your precinct location (sometimes they change). [ Click here ]. If not, find out your precinct number and location: [ Click here ]
  10. ENCOURAGE your family, friends and neighbors to vote also. The higher the voter turnout, the more representative the election results will be of the community and the less likely that a minority group of voters will sway an election.
  11. Vote in EVERY election (primaries, runoffs, general). They all REALLY matter to your daily life, especially LOCAL offices and ballot items.
  12. Look at election RESULTS and see how your vote counted. [ Click here ]
  13. THANK YOU for voting.